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DS Smith Packaging Machine

The Scope

DS Smith Speciality Packaging based in Launceston, Cornwall presented us with a project to modernise a small packaging machine.  Originally the machine was designed to be run from a belt system; the initial scope called for the fitting of a variable speed drive and motor to deliver accurate speed control from a control outstation on the feed end of the machine.

The Project

A & T Services fitted a Schneider Altivar Variable Speed Drive along with a Siemens motor and gearbox.  The mechanical department made alterations to the drive system and fitted chains and sprockets to transfer the power to the drive shaft already fitted on the machine.  All of the electrical control system was designed, manufactured and tested in house by A & T Services.

After a visit by the management of DS Smith Speciality Packaging, they noted that they were impressed with the work carried out so far, and extended the scope a further two times to include other electrical and mechanical work.  The next step of the project called for A & T Services to remove the cam system that drove the card feeders of the machine, these needed to be replaced with pneumatic rams triggered by sensors on the machine.  A & T Services needed to develop a strategy to overcome the fact that the machine was to be used with different lengths of cards and at different speeds.  The electrical department decided upon using a Schneider PLC and HMI system to interface with the Variable Speed Drive already fitted from the initial scope.  All of the PLC and HMI programming was written in house, the machine was fitted up with a variety of Hall Effect and Proximity sensors.

The next extension of the scope covered mechanical improvements to the machine, freeing up the adjustment screws which had been jammed and sheared by glue from the cardboard process getting in to mechanical areas of the machine.  A & T Services also completed minor repairs to the guards, covers and bearings of the machine.

DS Smith

DS Smith is an international Group with revenue in 2008/09 of 2.1 billion and it employs over 11,000 people in 18 countries. The Group has strong positions in many of the markets in which it operates. It is:

  • The leading UK collector of waste paper for recycling
  • The leading UK producer of recycled paper
  • The leading UK corrugated packaging manufacturer
  • A substantial producer of corrugated packaging in continental Europe
  • A leading worldwide supplier of bag-in-box packaging
  • A leading European supplier of plastic returnable transit packaging
  • The leading European wholesaler of office products
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