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Cardinham Woods Pumping Station

Posted: 1st February 2012

A & T Services Ltd have completed the installation of the pumping station Control System at Cardinham Woods.  Located adjacent to the Woods Cafe this panel utilises a Multritrode Multismart Pump Controller and a Pulsar Blackbox with Ultrasonic Transducer for Level Measurement.  Work will now begin on the installation of the electrical services and control systems on the treatments works.

The Multitrode Multismart Pump Station Manager not only controls the pumps but monitors the pump station as whole to ensure it is running efficiently.  A level signal is provided by the Pulsar Blackbox, the Multismart controls pump starting and stopping, calculates pump flow information, gives high level and other warnings.  The Multismart also has the ability to complete well cleaning cycles, odour control cycles, give blocked pump warnings and time until overflow warning in the event of a pump failure.

Cardinham Woods SPS Panel